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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

To schedule an individual therapy session:​ Contact us here

Individual therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes. Due to the pandemic WHC is solely offering Telehealth at this time. 


If you’re interested in meeting with a specific therapist (Danielle or Eva), please let us know. If you’re not sure who would be the best fit, that’s also fine.

One of us will return your call within 24-48 hours. We’ll do a brief intake assessment (about 15 min.). If we're a great fit we’ll hopefully schedule your first session at the end of our call. Otherwise, we’ll put you on our waitlist & share referrals to another provider.


WHC therapists accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO & Blue Choice plans. We also provide sliding scale options to a limited number of clients paying out of pocket.

Online Education

Education & Consulting

Web Healing Collective staff present locally and nationally on topics related to Social Justice and Trauma-Informed Care. We offer Professional Development training, as well as programs for public audiences and individuals through an intersectional, feminist lens. WHC has worked with universities and K-12 educators, nonprofits and corporate entities.


Each training is tailor-made for the needs of the specific audience. Specifications may include topics, format (lecture vs. interactive), number of sessions, follow-up programing, etc. Training is offered online and in person (with appropriate Covid precautions in place). Contact us!


Our most popular offerings include:


Anti-Racism for Well-Intentioned White People


This program is geared toward white people who value anti-racism but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into daily living. 


We do not attack one another, nor wallow in guilt. Instead, we work together to accept that we live within a caste system that has socialized us to be racist and we must unlearn the racism we’ve been taught. 


We come to understand white supremacy throughout US history through a micro, meso and macro lens. We commit to do our part to challenge white supremacy at both systems and individual levels. 


This class honors that vulnerability is a manifestation of strength. Taught by Eva BallContact us about this course.

Pleasure Connection for Female (AFAB) People


Originally designed for employees of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, this program helps us understand the value of welcoming a sex-positive perspective in our anti-violence movements and in our lives.

Geared for an audience of cisgender assigned female at birth (AFAB), we explore the messages and expectations around sexuality in our lives and in our cultures. We learn to address shame when it arises, the value of welcoming pleasure in its many forms and learn to increase our capacity for both sexual and non-sexual pleasure.


We center conversations about consent and mutual pleasure that are essential both in- and out- of the bedroom.


This class honors that vulnerability is a manifestation of strength. Taught by Eva BallContact us about this course.

Untangling Sex & Gender


This class was created for mature, liberal adults who are confused about the ways language, labels, pronouns and gender have changed in their lifetimes.

We discuss the difference between biological sex & socialogical gender, and how both exist on a spectrum. We work together to differentiate between sexual orientation, gender identity and related concepts in a non-judgemental (and often fun!) environment. 

This class honors that vulnerability is a manifestation of strength. Taught by Eva BallContact us about this course.

Body-Oriented Support for Helpers & Healers


Originally designed for public school educators and healing professionals, this workshop supports participants in managing stress by using body-oriented techniques.  These simple strategies can be applied with students or clients.


Using a highly interactive format, Danielle guides participants through practices like yogic breathing, gentle movement and/or mindfulness and meditation throughout the time together. We also explore the origins of these techniques, learn how stress responses function, and discuss realistic implementations of strategies. Taught by Danielle Shannon Contact us about this course.


Building Trauma-Informed Systems


Originally designed for nonprofit organizations working with high risk, this training helps employees identify signs of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. We explore strategies to manage high stress work environments, and balance the needs of both helpers and their clients. 


Danielle also provides clinical consultation for individuals and groups regarding trauma-related work, with over 15 years of experience in various mental health settings.


Additionally, they support leadership teams to develop trauma-informed professional policies and organizational dynamics that align with postcapitalist values like equity and non-violent communication. Taught by Danielle Shannon.  Contact us about this course.

Pleasure Connection
Untangling Sex & Gender
Body-Oriented Support
Trauma-Informed Systems

Group Therapy

Web Healing Collective is not running groups or workshops at this time.

If you are interested, click here to contact us! If you know what type of group therapy you're interested in please indicate it in the text field. We will add you to a waiting list and notify you when a group is being scheduled. 

Group Therapy
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