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Web Healing Collective

Radical. Collaborative. Kind.

Web Healing Collective

Radical. Collaborative. Kind.
Portrait of Danielle Shannon
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We are happy you are here.

Danielle & Eva are co-owners of Web Healing Collective and practicing therapists.

We have known each other since middle school(!)
We've traveled down similar paths in life: becoming social workers, healing from trauma, exploring our identities, smashing the patriarchy, and cultivating pleasure whenever possible.
We're excited for you to join our healing community!

Our Vision

Web Healing Collective promotes

healing & social justice

by summoning a cultural shift toward valuing

community & collaboration.

Engaging with our programs & therapies fosters

curiosity & introspection

while supporting individuals & institutions to

enact kindness towards self & others.


Our Values

Connection to Earth & Equity

All humans are connected to one another, connected to the Earth & inherently equal

Kindness as Strength

Expressions of kindness and love are concurrently expressions of strength

Collaboration as Power

Humans meet their greatest potential as a species through collaboration


Individual Therapy


Education & Consulting


Group Therapy

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